In an increasingly virtual world we still believe in the importance of dialogue, of direct and human contact

With us you will feel in good hands

If you are selling without results or thinking of selling your property, you need to know that your initiative or idea is in the best hands. Selling a property is always much more than a simple transaction. It is a path that is based on certainty, seriousness and professionalism. It is knowing how to transfer “serenity and certainty” to the market and its potential buyers, and this even if you imagine renting out your property for income purposes.

Immobiliare 5 stelle is your safe and reliable partner for property sales and rentals in Vicenza and the province.

That is why, as experienced property consultants, we take the time to discuss your wishes and needs with you in peace.

Rely on our expertise


What price can I get for my property? How long does the sale take? And how much are the brokerage costs? These are by far the three most common questions we are asked at the outset. Every property has its own story, its own experience, its own character. We will be happy to answer them once we have analysed your property and determined its value.

We design an effective sales process based on a serious and real evaluation. Many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the local market allow us to be successful. Entrust the sale of your property to an Immobiliare 5 Stelle partner who is always at your side, reliable and technically prepared.

Renting a property guarantees a continuous, long-term source of income. You can sit back and relax: Immobiliare 5 stelle will take care of everything, from analysing the rental price and the most suitable clientele, to advertising, viewings, and responsibly verifying the creditworthiness of your future tenant through to signing a legally valid rental contract. Your consultant can also take care of future relations with the tenant in addition to the annual bureaucratic aspects to be fulfilled.

Property valuation: the basis for timely sales success


We determine the value of your property on the basis of analytical and/or comparative valuation depending on the type of property. This has the advantage that it takes into account current market developments, the special characteristics of the property and the characteristics of the reference area.

These analytical elements allow us to identify the real market value or the most appropriate market value. The sales we have carried out for similar types in the reference area help in the valuation.

Immobiliare 5 stelle - our dedicated services

To make communication with us particularly convenient and to ensure the greatest possible transparency in our work, we provide you with the following services:

The owner's form: your quick link to Immobiliare 5 stelle

The Buyer Finder: your overview of interested buyers

We have interested customers in our database who are looking for property but have not yet found the property they want. Yours might be just right for them

Owner Login: your current situation

As a property owner, you can use this login to access a kind of report on the sales status of your property at any time. So you always know where your property's sales situation stands.

We look forward to talking to you

Immobiliare 5 stelle has earned an excellent reputation over its many years of activity in Vicenza. That is why we are committed to meeting your personal concerns with empathy and deep professionalism. No matter whether you want to sell or rent a property: you can count on us.

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