About us

We have been working as property consultants in Vicenza and its province with passion and joy for over 20 years. The foundation stone was laid in a small office with the thought of identifying ourselves as consumers and the desire to be attentive and dedicated to customer expectations, transparency and professional seriousness, in a market that was very rough and unregulated at the time, where the values at stake are always considerably high. This has driven us to grow and improve more and more. Hence the impetus to found a company with three cornerstones in its corporate philosophy: honesty, competence and empathy.


Our company philosophy provides the reasons why you should choose us as your real estate advisor in Vicenza - if you want to conclude a real estate transaction fairly, successfully and with an all-round good feeling.

Honesty - Transparency protects against dishonesty

We do not promise the unattainable only to leave you disappointed. This is especially true with regard to a well-founded valuation of your property. Only a real market price guarantees you as the owner a timely and successful sales process. As a potential buyer or tenant you can rely on the fact that the property prices we handle are fair and justified, the result of careful analysis and comparison. If you commission us to sell a property or if you are looking for your new home, your new office, your new studio, you can see at any time the status of our efforts and work.

Expertise - Rely on our expertise

Our team of experienced real estate professionals knows the local market and its peculiarities. Not only do we know how to evaluate the individual property, but we also know the dynamics and characteristics of the respective location. With generated, target-group oriented marketing (group of potential buyers) we address exactly those people who are most akin to the characteristics of your property.
Professional expertise also means providing legal certainty: we accompany you beyond the conclusion of a purchase or rental contract. You can count on the fact that our purchase and rental contracts are designed and drafted to the specifications dictated by the type of negotiation and comply with the applicable legal provisions.

Empathy: success means knowing how to “Listen”

Selling a property often means saying goodbye to a lived-in past in order to embark on a new path. Buying a house is often the biggest investment of your life, which generates anxiety and concern. You therefore deserve a great deal of attention, respect and appreciation and you should expect your real estate advisor to listen to you, take your objections or concerns seriously and act accordingly.


We want you to work with us to find the property that exactly fits your ideas or to sell your property to your ideal candidate at a fair price. We also want you to feel in good hands with us as a customer but first and foremost ......as a person.

We do this every day with great motivation, dedication and a lot of joy. The best thing you can do is to see for yourself and get to know us.

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