Renting a property

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The demand for rented living space in Vicenza is high and constantly increasing. Every year numerous students come to the university town and many of them stay there after their studies. There is also demand for flats for couples or families, doctors and nurses taking work at the hospital. Your flat could also be suitable for the many requests we already have in our database.

If you have no experience as a landlord, Immobiliare 5 stelle will be happy to support you. As an estate agent, we save you a lot of time, money and, above all, stress when searching for tenants.

Rent without stress: choose an experienced agent who knows the Vicenza market very well and has the necessary professionalism.

3 reasons to entrust your property to us

The right fee

The rent should be based on the local rental index and the specific characteristics of the property. As local real estate agents, we know exactly which analyses to perform and which characteristics to use in order to find the correct rent. A rent that is sustainable and becomes a certainty for the future of the contract.

Saving time

The time depends on the type of property and the target clientele. We narrow down the group of preferred tenants and use the channels preferred by this clientele for marketing. We also co-ordinate and organise visiting appointments with potential tenants so that they can take place efficiently and without any additional time expenditure for you.

Ad hoc forms

The greatest risk, for example, of a lease agreement downloaded from the Internet is that it is out of date and legally weak. Many clauses in the lease may therefore be invalid. In the worst case, the tenant may later assert claims for damages and/or rent reductions. Immobiliare 5 stelle draws up current and legally compliant rental agreements so that you are on the safe side.

We strive for the desired location

A pleasant long-term lease must give both you, the owner, and your tenant a good feeling. Immobiliare 5 stelle will be happy to help you find the tenant of your dreams. We do this with empathy and competence. If you like, we can take care of the management of your contract for its entire duration, leaving you free of worries or obligations and deadlines. Simply call us without obligation if you would like to rent your property.

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